Why Harvesting Rain Water Is Important

Why Harvesting Rain Water Is Important?

Since we know that many areas are facing water crises, it is very important to save water. There are different improved methods to save water or reuse it for other purposes. Do you know what rainwater harvesting is? We l, rainwater harvesting is one of the best methods to save rainwater. It is a collection of rainwater from the rooftop stored in tanks, deep pits, or wells.

The harvesting method is developed so that the water seeps in-ground passing through purifiers or aquifers. So rainwater can be stored when it falls and can be used in times of crisis. There are various purposes for which you can use for domestic, agriculture and commercial purposes. Le’s see how harvested water can be used for different activities:

Domestic & Industrial Use

Harvested rainwater can be used in cleaning activities. As the water is from so it not safe for drinking, But you can use it for a different purpose. You can use the water in flushing toilets, watering plants, and cleaning the house. Using rainwater can save the freshwater for cooking food and drinking.

Well, in industries, rainwater can be used for cleaning purposes. Wh n raw material is delivered in industries before manufacturing, and they need to clean it. So to manufacture good quality products you can use stored rainwater.

Reduce Your Bills

When you save rainwater, you can use the water for domestic and industrial use. It will be cost-effective for you. There will be a relaxation on your water and electricity bills. You just have to make a one-time investment for setting up the rooftop and purifiers at your place, and then you can use the water anywhere you want.

Some companies provide donations for setting up the rainwater harvesting methods as it is a one-time investment. With this method, you can save your other expenses with the advantage of saving freshwater.

Reduce Risk of Flood

Rainwater is responsible for soil erosion and other hazards. Wh n you set up a rainwater harvesting system, these problems can also be solved as harvested rainwater seeps into the ground and help to prevent soil erosion. String water can also reduce the risk of stormwater.

The buildings that have already set up a large water-storing system to collect the water in tanks can reduce the flood problem. Ar as that have a high risk of flood should adopt this method.

Ground Water Level Increases

Many areas receive huge rainfall. So this is very beneficial for them to store rainwater. There are some areas where groundwater is used. But due to the lack of rainfall in those areas, the groundwater level decreases.

So to increase the demand for using groundwater, it is necessary to store rainwater. String water will help in raising the level of groundwater. Hence the productivity of aquifers will increase groundwater and reduce unnecessary usage of freshwater.


Nowadays, most countries face a scarcity of resources as natural resources cannot be produced in any workshop. So it is advised for everyone not to waste resources and use the resource wisely.

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